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January 18th, 2018

Over the past 28+ years, Widespread Panic has released twelve studio albums, ten live concert CDs, and one compilation CD. Information on those albums can be found below.  

In 2005, the band made every show they play immediately available for download on LiveWidespreadPanic.com .

 For live shows before 2005, check out Widespread Panic Archives

9/2015 Street Dogs (studio)

10/2012 Wood (live)

4/2012  Live Wood Limited edition LP (live)

9/2010 Live In The Classic City II (live)

5/2010 Dirty Side Down (studio)

2/2008 Free Somehow (studio)

7/2007 Choice Cuts (compilation)

6/2006 Earth To America (studio)

2/2005 Live at Myrtle Beach (live)

9/2004 Jackassolantern  (live)

7/2004 Uber Cobra (live)

3/2004 Night of Joy (live)

4/2003 Ball (studio)

6/2002 Live In The Classic City (live)

6/2001 Don't Tell The Band (studio)

5/2000 Another Joyous Occasion (live)

7/1999 'Til Medicine Takes (studio)

4/1998 Light Fuse, Get Away (live)

2/1997 Bombs and Butterflies (studio)

9/1994 Ain't Life Grand (studio)

3/1993 Everyday (studio)

7/1991 Widespread Panic (studio)

9/1988 Space Wrangler (studio)