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Uber Cobra

Uber Cobra

July 13th, 2004

Produced by Widespread Panic
Mixed by John Keane
Recorded by Billy Field
Assisted by Chris Rabold & Brad Blettenberg w/additional assistance by The Oade Brothers
Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix

Art Design & Photography by Flournoy Holmes. Package Coordinator-Ellie MacKnight.

All songs written by Widespread Panic published by Widespread Music Administered by BMI except:

Walk On by Neil Young published by Silver Fiddle Music (ASCAP) / Can't Get High by Daniel Hutchens & Eric Carter published by Wet Trombone Music (BMI) / City of Dreams by David Byrne published by Index Music inc (ASCAP) / Geraldine by Willis Alan Ramsey published by Wishbone Music (ASCAP) / Expiration Day by Vic Chesnutt published by Ghetto Bells Music (BMI), / and Can't Find My Way Home by Steve Winwood published by Warner-Tamerlane Pub. obo F.S. Music Ltd.

John Bell - vocals, guitars
John Hermann - keyboards, vocals
George McConnell - guitars
Todd Nance - drums
Domingo S Ortiz - percussion
Dave Schools - basses, vocals

Track Listing

1. Walk On
2. Wonderin'
3. Can't Get High
4. Party at Your Mama's House
5. Nobody's Loss
6. City of Dreams
7. Geraldine & The Honey Bee
8. Expiration Day
9. Mercy
10. Imitation Leather Shoes
11. Can't Find My Way Home
12. Papa Johnny Road