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Space Wrangler

September 7th, 1988

John Bell - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Houser - Guitar, Vocals
Todd Nance - Drums, Percussion, Vocals
David Schools - Bass, Percussion, Vocals
Domingo Sunny Ortiz - Percussion

Tim White - keyboards
John Keane - vocals
Alberto Salazarte - rap
David Blackmon - fiddle
Bill Jordan - laughter
Paige McConnell - organ on "Holden Oversoul"
T Lavitz - organ on "Me and the Devil Blues / Heaven"
David Schools, John Keane & John Bell - background vocals on "Holden Oversoul"

All songs written by Widespread Panic, published by Widespread Music / BMI with the exception of "Me and the Devil Blues" written by Robert Johnson, published by Horoscope Music Pub Co. / BMI; "Heaven" written by David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, published by Bleu Disque Music c/o Warner Bros. Music / ASCAP; "Travelin' Light" written by JJ Cale, published by Audigram Music / BMI.

Produced by John Keane and Widespread Panic
Recorded and Mixed at John Keane Studio, Athens, GA
Engineered by John Keane
Mastered at Masterfonics by Benny Quinn

"Me and the Devil Blues / Heaven" Produced by Johnny Sandlin for Duck Tape Music, Recorded at Emerald Studios, Nashville, TN, Recording Engineers - Steve Tillisch and Jeff Coppage, Remixed at Masterfonics by Jeff Coppage, Johnny Sandlin, and Jim Bickerstaff

Track Listing

1. Chilly Water
2. Travelin' Light
3. Space Wrangler
4. Coconut
5. The Take Out
6. Porch Song
7. Stop - Go
8. Driving Song
9. Holden Oversoul
10. Contentment Blues
11. Gomero Blanco
12. Me and the Devil Blues / Heaven