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Live at Myrtle Beach

February 22nd, 2005

Produced by Widespread Panic/Mixed by John Keane/Recorded by Billy Field/Assisted by Chris Rabold & Brad Blettenberg w/additional assistance by The Oade Brothers/Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix / Recorded at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC

Art Design & Photography by Flournoy Holmes. Package Coordinator-Ellie MacKnight.

All songs written by Widespread Panic published by Widespread Music, BMI except:

Dirty Business written by John Dawson published by Fry King Publishing Co, ASCAP; Stop Breakin' Down written by Robert Johnson published by King of Spades Music, BMI; Henry Parsons written by Daniel Hutchens published by Wet Trombone Music, BMI; Postcard written by Widespread Panic and Thomas Guenther; Bowlegged Woman written by Calvin Carter/Bobby Rush published by SU-MA publishing co.

John Bell - vocals, guitars
John Hermann - keyboards, vocals
George McConnell - guitars, vocals
Todd Nance - drums
Domingo S Ortiz - percussion
Dave Schools - basses, vocals

Track Listing

1. Ain't Life Grand
2. Conrad the Caterpillar
3. Don't Wanna Lose You
4. Dirty Business
5. Stop Breakin' Down
6. Papa's Home
7. Henry Parsons
8. Action Man
9. Postcard
10. Bowlegged Woman
11. Chilly Water