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Choice Cuts: The Capricorn Years 1991-1999

July 3rd, 2007

Compilation Produced by Widespread Panic and Darren Salmieri. Mastered by Mark Wilder at Sony Music Studios, New York (April 2007)
Management: Sam Lanier, Buck Williams (PGA) & Brown Cat - Gomer, Garrie, Ellie, Crumpy, Chris, Larry, Greta & Matt

Art & Package Design by Chris Bilheimer. Band Photo by Johnny Buzzerio. Project Direction: Adam Farber

Track Listing

1. Travelin' Light
2. Chilly Water
3. Love Tractor
4. Weight Of The World
5. Papa's Home
6. Ain't Life Grand
7. Blackout Blues
8. Rebirtha
9. Aunt Avis
10. Blue Indian
11. Climb To Safety
12. Surprise Valley
13. Pigeons (Live)
14. Pickin' Up The Pieces (Live)